2–5 Oct 2023
Europe/Prague timezone

Invited Speakers

Preliminary list of invited speakers

Fabio BELLONI (School of Electrical Eng. and Telecommunications, Faculty of Eng., UNSW Sydney, Australia)
Status, Prospects and Basic Research Needs of p-11B Fusion


Aleksander BILEWICZ (Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology: Warsaw, Poland)
Medically Important Radionuclides Obtained by Alpha Particle Irradiation


Mike CAMPBELL (University of Rochester, Laboratory for Laser Energetics)

Development of Inertial Fusion Energy Programs


Valeriia ISTOKSKAIA (ELI Beamlines Facility, The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC, Czech Republic)

A multi-MeV Alpha Particle Source via Proton-Boron fusion driven by a 10-GW Tabletop Laser

Eric LERNER (LPPFusion Inc, USA)
Preparations for and Early Results of pB11 Tests in FF-2B Dense Plasma Focus


Richard MAGEE (TAE Technologies, Inc., California, USA)
Measurements of pB11 Alphas in a Magnetically Confined Plasma


Tom MEHLOHRN (HB11 Energy Holdings Pty, Australia)
Developing an Initial Point Design for a Proton Boron IFE Reactor


Alex ROBINSON (UKRI/STFC Central Laser Facility, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK)
Propagation of Ultra-Intense Ion Beams in Plasmas


Hartmut RUHL (Marvel Fusion, Germany)

An Ultra-Short Laser Pulse Based Direct Drive Nuclear Fusion Concept

Yongtao ZHAO (Xi´an JiaoTong University, China)
A much-higher-than-predicted Measurement of Proton-Boron Fusion at Extremes