2–5 Oct 2023
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Official Partners


The Extreme Light Infrastructure is the world's largest and most advanced high-power laser infrastructure and a global technology and innovation leader in high-power, high-intensity, and short-pulsed laser systems. 
The international laser user facility ELI accommodates some of the most intense lasers in the world. ELI’s lasers produce ultra-short pulses of high energy photons, electrons, protons, neutrons, muons and neutrinos in the (sub-)attosecond regimes on demand.


IMPULSE (Integrated Management and reliable oPerations for User-based Laser Scientific  Excellence) is a 42-month project supporting the transition of ELI to sustainable operations. As ELI enters a crucial phase with the establishment of ELI ERIC and the gradual opening of the ELI Facilities to users, IMPULSE addresses the key scientific, technical, organisational and management requirements of this transition, building user communities and expanding the ELI member consortium. This project is inclusive and open, and it relies on the collective effort of a wide consortium involving 15 key institutions of the European science community. IMPULSE focuses primarily on ELI, but its results must have impact beyond the ELI Facilities.

HB11 Energy

HB11 Energy is working to develop a new source of unlimited, clean, safe and reliable energy based on laser hydrogen boron-11 fusion. 
Their final goal is to generate electricity using laser-ignited non-thermal fusion. For more information, please visit the website https://hb11.energy.

Marvel Fusion

Marvel Fusion was founded in 2019 by Moritz von der Linden, Dr. Karl-Georg Schlesinger, Dr. Georg Korn, and Dr. Pasha Shabalin. 
Chief Operating Officer Heike Freund joined in 2020. The mission is the ultimate clean energy solution: Quantum-enhanced fusion. For more information, please visit the website https://marvelfusion.com.

CIVIDEC Instrumentation

CIVIDEC Instrumentation GmbH is specialising in radiation diagnostics based on CVD diamond. We provide detectors, analogue electronics and digital readout and data processing systems:
-  Beam-loss monitoring for HEP-accelerators such as LHC, LCLS-II and LIPAC. 
-  Beam position monitoring for Synchrotron Light Sources such as Diamond, MAX IV and NSRRC.
-  Neutron diagnostics for fusion facilities such as ITER, NIFS, EC-JRC. 

CIVIDEC is embedded in an international scientific network with access to dedicated facilities for our in-house research. 

LIOP - Tec 

LIOP-TEC GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes opto-mechanical products and tunable dye laser systems and accessories.
Opto-mechanical components comprise highly stable and precise mirror mounts for laser beam steering applications in R&D and industry and fine thread screws up to 170 TPI.
In addition we develop customer specific solutions, e.g. mirror mounts for large mirrors used in petawatt laser systems or mirror mounts for ultrahigh vacuum.
LIOP-TEC dye laser systems are characterised by their extremely stable mechanical design and modern beam steering concepts.

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