Jun 19 – 21, 2023
Europe/Prague timezone


Laboratory Astrophysics is showing a rapid growth in the overlap between common areas of interest in laser plasma physics and astrophysics. With the new generation of ultra-high power lasers new opportunities to explore plasma instabilities, shocks, and particle acceleration has emerged.


By bringing together experts in areas where there exists a clear potential for future collaborations, this (first) workshop at ELI Beamlines aims to enhance the collaboration between astrophysicists, plasma physicists, and experimentalists.

We look forward to seeing you at ELI Beamlines!


ELI Beamlines Facility
Za Radnicí 835
Dolní Břežany
Czech Republic

Arriving from Prague city center to ELI Beamlines can take about 45 min. The most recommended route with public transport is to take metro C (red line) up to the station "Kačerov", and there take the bus number 333 up to Dolní Břežany, stop "Obecní úřad". For more information about the public transport please check out "Traveling".


This workshop is partially funded by the Czech Science Foundation under the grant GAČR 20-19854.