PaNOSC WP3 Catalogue Integration Best Practices Meeting

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Online event

Lajos Schrettner (ELI), Teodor Ivanoaica (ELI DC)

PaNOSC Work Package 3 

In PaNOSC Work Package 3, the partners create means for users and third parties to find datasets from photon and neutron sources using domain-specific search terms. 

The workshop organised as part of the WP3, "MS3.3 Catalogue Integration Best Practices Meeting", aims at presenting and analysing a wide set of specific and common best practices that are currently in production at PaN partner facilities. The best practices will include particular setups and integration of the tools and services developed in the context of PaNOSC WP3, as well their connections and integration in the production environment of each facility with a clear scope of collecting "lesson learned" exercises. The main outcome of the workshop is to help the PaNOSC partner facilities accelerate the integration of the PaNOSC set of tools and services, as well as facilitate and speed up the eventual adoption of those tools and services by facilities that already have similar services in production.

Contact with service providers from EOSC-Hub (B2Find) have been made, and various options have been explored. Exposing catalogues to OpenAIRE and/or repositories of the similar richness of metadata should be the first step.

To go beyond the generic search features of OpenAIRE, the partners have been having exchanges on their current local practises, activities and plans, to align on a common definition of standard metadata for the scientific domains at the partner facilities. This activity also informs the local integration of data catalogues with the data sources (e.g. experimental stations).  

In the task that aims to use definitions of the community-driven NeXus file format for searches, the partner institutes should first familiarise themselves with the format and its governance processes. For sustainability reasons, it is critical that the PANOSC partners seek buy-in of community. The plan is to initiate this in a multi-day workshop meeting with partners and observers, to showcase the current state of NeXus and see what requirements from partners may need to be addressed by new NeXus definitions.


PaNOSC Best Practices Workshop (WP3)
  • Abigail McBirnie
  • Alberto Nardella
  • Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran
  • Alessandro Olivo
  • Alexandre Camps Mezquita
  • Anton Lawrence
  • Antoni Pérez Font
  • Arnaud Hemmerle
  • Balázs Bagó
  • Balázs Erdőhelyi
  • Brian Matthews
  • Brigitte GAGEY
  • Carlo Minotti
  • Claudia Martens
  • Daniel Salvat
  • Daniel Sánchez
  • Dariusz Brzosko
  • Emiliano Coghetto
  • Enric Querol
  • Fabio Dall'Antonia
  • Frank Schluenzen
  • Fredrik Bolmsten
  • Gerrit Guenther
  • Guifré Cuní
  • Heike Görzig
  • Henrik Johansson
  • Humaira Abdul Salam
  • Idrissou CHADO
  • Jakub Grosz
  • Jamie Hall
  • Jekabs Karklins
  • Jiri Bartos
  • Jiri Majer
  • Jonas Rosenqvist
  • Jonas Rosenqvist
  • Jonathan Lindvall
  • Juncheng E
  • Klaus Wakonig
  • Krisztian Pozsa
  • Lajos Schrettner
  • Linh Nguyen
  • Luis Maia
  • Marjolaine Bodin
  • Martin Dostál
  • Martin Gasthuber
  • Martin Trajanovski
  • Massimiliano Novelli
  • Nico Greve
  • Nicolas Soler
  • Ornela De Giacomo
  • Pierre Fertey
  • Pierre Fertey
  • Róbert Rácz
  • Róbert Rácz
  • Silvia Ramos
  • Sophie Servan
  • Stephan Egli
  • Steve Collins
  • Stuart Caunt
  • Stuart Pullinger
  • Stéphanie Blanchandin
  • Sudha Padmanabhan
  • Sylvain FEROT
  • Tobias Richter
  • Zsolt Szabo