The 3rd Photon & Neutron (PaN) EOSC symposium of PaNOSC & ExPaNDS will focus on sustainable data from PaN facilities. The symposium will be held on 18th October 2022 as an online satellite event to the ICRI 2022 conference, which will share the major results achieved in making FAIR data a reality at PaN facilities across Europe, and explore how a "PaN Data Commons" can be integrated into the EOSC, in collaboration with the other ESFRI cluster projects.

OrganiserExtreme Light Infrastructure ERIC (ELI ERIC)


The 3rd Photon and Neutron (PaN) EOSC symposium of PaNOSC & ExPaNDS will present the major results achieved in the frame of the two H2020 projects, working towards making FAIR data a reality at PaN facilities across Europe. 

The two projects’ results include:  

  • The adoption of FAIR data principles and policies to ensure data stewardship is FAIR, from the collection of processed data together with accurate metadata, through to publication and its reuse;
  • The set-up of federated (meta)data catalogues and federated search API for data findability as a PaN Data Commons;
  • Increase in accessibility of datasets – from detector data to final publication – and open source data analysis software, via a Persistent Identifier (PID) for data and instruments;
  • The adoption of a standard data format for higher interoperability;
  • The setup, adoption and use of an integrated and interoperable virtual environment for analysing PaN datasets, which enables scientists to run pipelines for data analysis and simulation;
  • The setup of a training catalogue and e-learning platform with resources and courses on PaN science.  

The main host of the event, the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI), is the first international laser research infrastructure dedicated to science and research applications of ultra-intense and ultra-short laser pulses. It will contribute to the symposium with a talk on Sustainable FAIR Data at High Power Laser Facilities.

The 2nd part of the event will include one panel discussion on EOSC Data Federation sustainability, in which representatives from the EOSC Association and the ESFRI cluster projects will exchange on the various possibilities to make the services developed throughout the projects financially sustainable in the long-term, also taking into account the outcomes of the discussion on the topic by the members of the EOSC Financial Sustainable Task Force.

A closing panel discussion on the sustainability models which may be implemented for PaN data to be FAIR in the long run. Key representatives of the community of photon and neutron facilities will share their vision and experience, and exchange on the models to make the PaN Data Commons sustainable beyond the duration of the PaNOSC and ExPaNDS projects, starting from what proposed in the LEAPS ESAPS white paper.


Find out more about the ICRI2022 conference here


Confirmed speakers:

Introduction and presentation of PaNOSC and ExPaNDS results:

  • Andy Götz, Software Group Leader at ESRF - PaNOSC Project Coordinator
  • Patrick Fuhrmann, Head of DESY IT R&I group - ExPaNDS Project Coordinator

Sustainable FAIR Data at High Power Laser Facilities:

  • Teodor Ivanoaica, Scientific Computation and Data Manager at ELI ERIC

Panel discussion on EOSC Data Federation Sustainability:

Panel discussion on sustainability models for the PaN Data Commons:  

  • Robert McGreevy, LENS Chair
  • Mirjam van Daalen, LEAPS Representative
  • Allen Weeks, ELI ERIC Director General
  • Florian Gliksohn, ELI ERIC Executive Director
  • Andy Götz (ESRF)
  • Patrick Fuhrmann (DESY)


The PaNOSC and ExPaNDS projects have received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreements No. 823852 (PaNOSC) and 857641 (ExPaNDS). 

Online and onsite in Brno
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