9-10 November 2022
Europe/Prague timezone

Practical information

1. Meeting venue

ELI ALPS Laser Research Institute

Address: Wolfgang Sandner utca 3.

6728 Szeged


ELI ALPS - Google Maps

Please note that according to ELI ALPS’s safety regulations, visitors have to present an ID or a passport when accessing the building. At the reception, you will be asked to fill out the registration form. Access badges will be prepared for the meeting participants.


2. Travelling to (and from) Szeged

Meeting participants are responsible for arranging and paying for their travel costs for their participation in the meetings. 

Transport from the Budapest Airport or train station

Shuttle transport will be reserved for interested meeting participants from Budapest airport / railway station to Szeged, either to the hotel or directly to ELI ALPS, depending on the time of your arrival and vice-versa for the departure from Szeged. Payments will be done by participants themselves.

Options, prices and cancellation terms:

Pegazus Transfer

  • Business transfer, maximum waiting time is 30 minutes and there are other passengers in the car (maximum 8 person).
    • The price is 10 500 HUF/person/way.
  • VIP transfer, no waiting time and there are no or other passengers in the car (maximum 1-3 person and they would be the other meeting participants).
    • The price is 30 000 HUF/person/way.
  • Payments are possible by credit card.
  • In case of cancelling the transfer 72 hours before the departure time, the company counts 100% extra charge.
  • In case of booking or modification of the transfer 72 hours before the departure time, the company counts 2,500 HUF extra charge.

Green Transfer (Zöldtranszfer)

  • Business transfer, maximum waiting time is 30 minutes and there are other passenger in the car (maximum 8 person).
    • The price is 8 370 HUF/person/way.
  • VIP transfer, no waiting hours and no other passengers in the car.
    • The price is 30 420 HUF/person/way.
  • In case of booking or modification of the transfer less than 48 hours before the departure time, the company counts a 20% extra charge.

In order to reserve your shuttle transfer, please, let us know in advance about your flight’s / train's arrival and departure times, including the number of flight and mobile phone number to receive an SMS from the driver before the pick-up. This data should be provided in the Registration form together with your travel preference (business or VIP transfer). According to the data you provide, the drivers will wait for you at the designated airport gate / meeting point. Please keep in mind that shuttle transport may take 1.5 to 2 hours between Budapest airport and Szeged.

Transport from the Timișoara airport

From some locations in Europe, it may be more practical to take a flight to the Timișoara International Airport (TRS) in Romania, which is 147 km from Szeged. In this case, please indicate this option in the registration form and we will do our best to book a shuttle for you. Also in this case, payments will be made by participants themselves.

Options, prices and cancellation terms:

Green transfer (Zöldtranszfer) has Timisoara transfer service for the price below: 

  • 1-3 person 50,000 HUF / trip 
  • 4-8 person 60,000 HF / trip
  • In case of booking or modification of the transfer less than 48 hours before the departure time, the company counts a 20% extra charge.

Travelling by car

In case you are travelling by car, please mention this in the Registration form, so that we can ensure you have parking secured in the hotel. Also, make sure you have a vignette for Hungarian toll motorways and highways. Vignettes can be purchased online (e-vignette) and the shortest validity period offered is 10 days (13.89 EUR).

Local transport

The distance of the meeting venue (ELI ALPS) from Art Hotel and Hunguest Hotel Forrás in the city centre is approximately 8 km. Hence, transport within Szeged, i.e. from the hotels to ELI ALPS and vice versa, will be organized and paid for meeting participants. In case you are staying at another hotel, you can take advantage of the local transport by coming to any of these hotels.


3. ELI ALPS tour

Facility tours are planned for the meeting participants with (duration: 1.5 hours) and without entering the labs (duration: 1 hour). The following time slots for the tours are offered:

  1. 9 November (before the meeting and lunch) - two groups of 25 people each 
    1. 10:00 to 11:00  
    2. 10:30 to 11:30 
  2. 10 November (after the meeting) - two groups of 10 people each 
    1. 15:00 to 16:30 
    2. 15:30 to 17:00

Please indicate your interest and choice of time for the Facility tour in the registration form.


4. Lunch and dinner

The dinner for the meeting participants will take place at Hunguest Hotel Forras on 9 November from 20:00 - 23:00

Lunch will be offered at ELI ALPS on 9 and 10 November. For the meeting participants who need to leave immediately after the meeting, a lunch box can be provided. We kindly ask you to indicate any dietary restrictions in the registration form.


5. Covid -19 measures

The information provided in this section will be regularly updated. Currently, the situation is the following.

Please, note that epidemiological entry restrictions have been lifted in Hungary. This means that travellers can enter Hungary without the need for vaccination or immunity certificates, or any kind of test or quarantine obligation. In accordance with this, it is possible to enter the territory of Hungary by public road, railway, water and air traffic – regardless of citizenship and protection against the coronavirus –, but other general conditions of entry (e.g., a valid travel document) must be provided.

At the same time, the lifting of the special rules of access for certain services and events means that vaccination certificates are no longer required for entry to indoor congresses or conferences, accommodation establishments, spas, sporting or cultural events, music and dance festivals, or outdoor events of any kind. The wearing of masks in public spaces is no longer mandatory, although some venues may still recommend their use.

At the same time, ELI ERIC is providing a framework for ensuring the highest health standard at the meeting. The meeting participants will be offered masks and quick antigen tests when arriving at the meeting venue.

At all times, please follow the recommendations below:

  • wash or disinfect your hands frequently
  • maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meter from one another, both indoor and outdoor
  • refrain from attending the event if you experience any symptoms of infection
  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing; and
  • avoid touching your face.

Relevant source of information:


6. Contacts

For any inquires related to the IMPULSE 2nd Annual Meeting and 4th Governing Board meetings, please find the contacts of ELI ERIC organisation team:

Minja Maric, ELI ERIC Project Manager

+420 604 104 761

Renata Ryndová, ELI ERIC Office Coordinator

+420 601 560 315

Éva Kis, ELI ALPS Personal Assistant

+36 30 737 5256 

Please note that you may receive notifications related to shuttles from the colleagues from ELI ALPS.