September 8, 2022
Dolní Břežany
Europe/Prague timezone


2nd session with two parallel workshops

Sep 8, 2022, 11:00 AM
Dolní Břežany

Dolní Břežany

Za Radnicí 835 Dolní Břežany, 252 41 Czech Republic


2nd session with two parallel workshops: WP3 – Ramping-up Towards Excellent Steady-State Operations. Topics for discussion 1. General: Higher level involvement of external partners in all tasks, avoid their underspending. Define their contribution to get better support from them to the progress of tasks. 2. Task 3.4: Discuss on next steps of the task and involvement of Beamlines to have more input on training needs and trainings available 3. General: Talk about the difficulties, problems we face in any of the tasks, support needs, etc.. 4.AoB

  • András Makai

2nd session with two parallel workshops: WP6 – Fostering ELI’s Innovation Impact. Building of ELI ERIC Innovation management through the Impulse project: 1. Detailed roles of Innovation Board, Industry Panel, and Innovation Offices. Split of responsibilities. Overview of capacities to support innovations at ELI facilities. 2. Financial support to innovation development via Innovation Fund and Innovation Award competition. Individual motivations and experiences. Key development areas. 3. Building of the ELI Industry Liaison Office network. An ILO model for the ELI ERIC consortium. 4. Outreach and promotion of ELI innovations. Plan of activities.

  • Aleš Hála

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