IMPULSE First Annual Meeting



IMPULSE First Annual Meeting

The IMPULSE First Annual Meeting will take place as an online event on 19 October from 9:30 to 16:00 CET.

Please register for the event here. The detailed programme will be published shortly.

IMPULSE (Integrated Management and reliable oPerations for User-based Laser Scientific  Excellence) is a 42-month project supporting the transition of ELI to sustainable operations. As ELI enters a crucial phase with the establishment of ELI ERIC and the gradual opening of the ELI Facilities to users, IMPULSE addresses the key scientific, technical, organisational and management requirements of this transition, building user communities and expanding the ELI member consortium.

This project is inclusive and open, and it relies on the collective effort of a wide consortium involving 15 key institutions of the European science community. IMPULSE focuses primarily on ELI, but its results must have impact beyond the ELI Facilities.

The meeting will start with an introduction and project overview, followed by work package presentations, as well as parallel breakout session for both a general and technical sessions. 

The Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) is the world’s leading laser-based research infrastructure. It serves cutting-edge research in physical, chemical, materials and medical sciences, as well as breakthrough technological innovations.

On 30 April 2021, the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) was granted the legal status of European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) by the European Commission. ELI ERIC will provide access to world-class high power and ultra-fast lasers for science and enable cutting-edge research in physical, chemical, materials, and medical sciences, as well as breakthrough technological innovations.

The Czech Republic hosts the ELI ERIC statutory seat in Dolní Břežany, in the South of Prague, at the ELI Beamlines facility. A second facility, ELI-ALPS, is hosted by Hungary in Szeged. The Czech Republic and Hungary are joined by Italy and Lithuania as founding members, while Germany and Bulgaria are founding observers. A third ELI facility is under construction in Romania in the field of nuclear photonics and is expected to complement the current ELI ERIC facilities in the future.

    • 09:30 09:40
      Introduction 10m

      Welcome and Goals

      Speaker: Florian Gliksohn (ELI ERIC)
    • 09:40 10:05
      Project Overview and Status 25m

      • Overview of project objectives
      • Status of implementation and main achievements

      Speaker: Allen Weeks (ELI ERIC)
    • 10:05 10:25
      WP1 20m

      Report on IMPULSE project

      Speaker: Minja Maric (ELI ERIC)
    • 10:25 10:35
      Break 10m
    • 10:35 11:10
      Science and Technology Session: WP3 - Ramping-up Towards Excellent Steady-State Operations 35m
      Speaker: Lajos Fülöp (ELI-ALPS)
    • 11:10 11:45
      Science and Technology Session: WP4 - Key technologies & enhanced experiments 35m
      Speaker: Daniel Kramer (ELI Beamlines)
    • 11:45 12:20
      Science and Technology Session: WP5 - Enabling excellent user access 35m
      Speaker: Kazuo A Tanaka (ELI-NP)
    • 12:20 13:20
      Lunch Break 1h
    • 13:20 13:55
      Management System, Innovation and Outreach: WP2 - Joint development of ELI as an integrated organisation 35m
      Speaker: Gabor Németh (ELI ERIC)
    • 13:55 14:15
      Management System, Innovation and Outreach: WP6 - Fostering ELI’s Innovation Impact 20m
      Speaker: Aleš Hála (ELI Beamlines)
    • 14:15 14:35
      Management System, Innovation and Outreach: WP7 - Promoting ELI Membership & Communication 20m
      Speaker: Alexandra Schmidli (ELI ERIC)
    • 14:35 14:45
      Break 10m
    • 14:45 15:45
      Exchange of Experience, Improvements, Dissemination and Synergies - Parallel Session 1: WP3, WP4, WP5 1h
      Speaker: Moderator: Federico Canova (ELI ERIC)
    • 14:45 15:45
      Exchange of Experience, Improvements, Dissemination and Synergies - Parallel Session 2: WP2, WP6, WP7 1h
      Speaker: Moderators: Minja Maric, Alexandra Schmidli (ELI ERIC)
    • 15:45 16:00
      Conclusions and next steps 15m
      Speaker: Florian Gliksohn (ELI ERIC)
    • 16:15 17:00
      ONLY Governing Board Meeting 45m